Friday, December 14, 2007

Next Stop Leiper's Fork

Well, our next stop was great fun. We saw Santa, roamed through all the great stores and then found a perfect spot and then watched people. Fun, the floats began coming down the street. Now I must admit, they were not like the kind in the Macy's parade, or the Rose parade but they were very interesting and you could tell the people who entered their "floats" had a wonderful time.

There were lots of dogs running around as well and a man singing while enclosed in a huge snowglobe. He was truly funny but I could not get any pictures.

Then we were all standing tall and proud when the Septic vendor was announced. Yeap, that is what I said, the Septic vendor. This was just one of the two that were in the parade. The funny thing was that they tossed tootsie rolls! There was lots of beautiful horses and also the float that JoJo Davis designed. She did the float for the barn that her daughter Anne has her horse Toby at. All the girls who ride and show their horse dressed up at mice and rode in a big flatbed wagon. It was fun

The even was one everyone should put on their calendar and travel to come see. It was great fun and then we took the "long way home" and saw some beautiful countryside. My, this part of the world sure is pretty.

A Christmas Event

Well, I know many have not slept because I have not written in a while, but I have pictures to prove we have been outside a little with the #3 jewel in my crown. She is my ruby, no that is not her "birthstone" but when she smiles, she looks like a Ruby to me, deep red, which is my favorite color! Well here I go, I will give you some pictures and a little talking about each picture. Hoping I can do this here we go .
#1-3 are pictures of various people in character at the Dicken's Christmas in downtown Frankln. Cook, really cook. The small Chamber choir who sang would have had an additional person if feeling well. Yes, Katherine was asked to try out for this choir. All I have to say is, wait until next year!
#3 is a picture of Kaye of Santa in a beautiful long red coat. Pretty cool!
Ok, here are the pictures of A Dicken's Chrismas and yes, it was great great fun. I will do another entry with our next stop. See you!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Wrestling Is In The Blood

I know many are saying "Sharliss, your blog is boring". For that I am sorry, I guess right now all that is in the middle of my life are dogs, kids and one is currently in treatment and a husband I still calm as my boyfriend. The day was simple but Kaye did come home from a few classes at school announcing the day was better. She took the time to reach out and talk to some people even if they did not begin the conversation. Well, the guys she spoke to today in Childhood Development class wrestle for Franklin. Of course she had lots to say about that subject that included her brother and McEachern. After the conversation she asked if they were going to the tournament at McCallie in Tennessee next weekend. They said yes and she returned with "I will see you there". All I have to say, is You Go Girl.

Getting back into the "swing" of things is a little challenging for our girl but I know once she is around more at Franklin, there will be no problems with fitting in and developing relationships that will fill a huge void. She has so much to offer everyone up here and I know God will use her greatly. Peace Out.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Doing Doing To Avoid Fear

Yes, that is the title sorry. I kept myself very busy today, did not even sit down in a chair until well after David arrived from work. You see, I was still decorating for Christmas and I must say, "It is beautiful Sharliss Jane". But under all that wonderful "doing" I was truly hiding my fears. Kaye has been sick for several days, very very tired, pale and sleeping more. This brought back memories of "the beginning" of this chapter of Leukemia. I told David tonight, she just has a bad old cold and maybe a little virus but I moved around so much today I would not let Satan even allow bad thoughts of fear into my momma head.

Tomorrow will be a long day in chemo. I am sure she will see lots of sweet young children who are running around with no hair, feed tubes and hurting from chemo. Of course she will give out every hug she has not even thinking about how bad she feels. They will give her hugs back and their parents will notice how pretty Kaye is and how her smile shines and makes the entire clinic light up.

Yes, I am a proud momma, a tired one but one that understands the journey she walks. She is a gift to me. One that keeps me understanding the true meaning of this "life" we live. Praying it is just a bad old cold, low counts.

I must boast a little, she has worked so hard on school work every day even if she does not go to the building. She is doing an ABC project book on herself. Even as bad as she felt she insisted to go to Walgreen's with me to make copies of the needed pictures. She got very sick and almost past out and then left a not so nice "gift" in the parking lot. I was scared for a few moments until I could get her home and on the couch. Well, that dang project is done and at Staples being bound and placed on card stock. It better bring an A or else.

Blessings to you all, stay warm, have some hot coco for me and Kaye.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1, 2007!....Oh Gosh 24 Days Until Christmas

Yeap, that's right! December is here and now the race is on. Things have been a little different around the Arnold house, so we have learned to slow down, not get to busy because to be honest, we cannot plan to far out. That has helped me to not get my hopes up and of course that means I don't get disappointed as much. It has been somewhat quiet around here and for that reason I can blog more. I love this time of year. Franklin had its Christmas parade today, we did not make it down town in time but all is good because next week will be the Big Weekend. The town will turn into a page from the storybook wrote by Charles Dickens. I cannot wait, even David is looking forward to this fun time. The nights are cold and crisp and the days are beautiful with cool air and blue skies. Kaye is getting better, at least we can be out and around people. That in itself makes my heart leap.

I am praying for some extra "specialness" this that a word? Anyway, I know God will grant that wish for me. The three jewels in my crown make me smile when I speak their names and think of them. That is special. It warms my heart when I pray for them. My head is full of anticipation for them and how God will use their "everyday" life to show Himself. Oh my, this season is special.