Thursday, January 8, 2009


I sit in front of this big ole screen feeling empty, thankful for where I am, warm, safe, thrilled my girl is at school. This week has been better for my sweet girl who has walked a journey of pain and struggle. As I pray for her today I am also getting ready to travel home to attend a memorial service for a friend who took his own life this weekend. I will stand by his wife whom I love and try and give some sort of encouragement and with his his two beautiful daughters who have questions with no answers. I feel empty....I have also prayed for another family whom I have never met. The Lamberth family. Mark was involved in an accident and had head trauma that has put him at death's door. They have been told there is no hope, now they wait again no answers...I feel empty. Oh how I wish I could draw all these people close and fix this awful mess, keep them from the pain and struggle, but I cannot. I can only pray, hold their hands and remind them that there is Hope. Hope in the cross, hope in knowing that Jesus is there and has never and will never leave. One man, successful, engaged in his daughters lives, encourager and the other just beginning life with his new little boy Noah and a beautiful wife. Oh how fragile life is, I will continue to walk in grace today knowing that we will have Hope for tomorrow if only one day at a time.