Thursday, February 21, 2008

10 Random Things About Me!

Ok, my dear sweet friend Caroline "tagged" me. I now have the task of giving 10 random things about myself. The hard part is that I am a very transparent person so there is not much about me that all don't know. But here goes!

1. I am not a good speller and I hate that with a passion. I am grateful for spell check but sometimes the word is spelled right but it is the wrong word! Damn

2. I love love love music, I played the saxophone in middle and high school and was very good. I love jazz music and many special memories of my life are surrounded with music. My daddy taught me how to dance and our home had lots of dancing. I loved watching my parents dance in the kitchen. As I always say when a pair of people "float" on the dance floor, "they sure look pretty". I wished I had had music and dancing at my wedding, but I did not.

3. I lost both of my parents by the time I was 25. At a very young age, I prayed that God would send people right into my path that would help instruct me with life training. Some of those people are still with me, some were a part of only a season of life, but their "imprint" is ever lasting. I want to leave a leagcy. One of my favorite saying is "I'm Just Trying To Matter One Day At A Time". "Make A Memory"

4. I was raised around race cars. While growing up, I loved going to the track...West Atlanta, Rome, and Dixie. Yes, I have driven a race car and I love the way it makes you feel while you go faster and faster but once standing outside the race car, I am scared to death. With all these years I must admit, I have never been to a NASCAR race. That would be so cool!

5. I died twice when I was 9 as a result of a car accident and I never saw a light. God sure has a purpose for me.

6. Traditions are so important to me! I think it is totally cool to work so hard to keep a tradition going. The tradition I miss the most is Sunday Dinners. As a child I went to a grandmother's house almost every Sunday for a meal that included either pot roast or fried chicken, sweet tea and lots of stories and laughter. While a teenager, I prayed not just for my husband to be but I wanted the whole package. I wanted a family that was fun to hang with. And God gave me all that plus SUNDAY DINNERS WITH GRANNY ARNOLD!

7. I am married to the greatest man in the world and I met him at McEachern in the 8th grade in band class! Music was our beginning!

8. I love to fly in planes my favorite part is taking off. When I was 19 I looked into being a flight attendant. Yeap, I even had the application filled out. I love to travel

9. I was an undercover detective for Macy for about 2 years! Yes, I have ran people down in the mall, used handcuffs, even sat on a lady and put people in jail but then my partner was kidnaped one weekend by a shop lifter while I was off and David said, I had to "change jobs".

10. I hate when someone says "there is no way you can do that". It just makes me want it more than ever, I had rather be the one who "Does" the part instead of the one who "thinks it up". I love being the "Giver" rather than the "Receiver"

11. I will be different........a true want in my life is to work on a special project with Extreme Make Over. Not just wear the blue shirt but help develop something and then use my talents and hands to create something for a sweet soul.

12. OK, so I am really different....I think words are so very important and there are many who do not care how they use them. This world was created with words. Thats pretty big to me! I have learned to be careful with words because once they are out and running around creating messes, you are spending valuble time catching them.

Well there you go, I could probably add another 10 but I must be good. I now have the chance to tag a few people, who will you be? Heather Arnold, David Arnold, Joshilyn Winn and Mandy Mann. You must do this! If you don't have a blog email and then I will post on my blog.