Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Attitude

I have had so many topics I wanted to take time to blog about, but by the time I thought I had time to express my thoughts, there always seemed to be reasons not to sit down at the computer. I think I might need to get a "Topics Can" and scratch them out on a piece of paper and then pick one out so I will complete the task.

I have always enjoyed my ride home to Franklin. The view is always beautiful in all seasons and once we get on 840 West right outside of Franklin I just have a sense of home. Last night as Kaye and I traveled home from Georgia, we listened to a CD that Rev. Ike Reighard gave us entitled "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People". I have had the opportunity to "get to know" Ike and I call him a close and personal friend. I know the roads he has traveled, the hardship, the darkness so as I listened once again to his "life's" experiences I felt sure I knew everything that would be discussed via this CD. God always uses these times to give us just a little more than we expect. I knew all the stories but something he said stuck. One of the most important freedoms we have is our attitude. I can acknowledge that even in the darkest of times it truly is your choice to allow a person, a situation or an event to take or affect your attitude. It is a choice and one that at times just has to be "willed".

Our season's of life change, come and go but inorder to use our experiences to help others, heck to even help ourselves not get stuck, begins with our attitude. I choose to try and move forward even if it is 1/2 step each day. Getting stuck dosen't help me and it sure dosen't help those around me. There are times to rest, grieve, be still but we must take a deep breath, take a step and move. I pray this can always be apart of my legacy that I give my children and the people around me. I love to laugh, I love to hug and both of those element truly help my attitude. Hugs to you all!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just The Unknown

We are live our lives from day to day, thinking we know just what we are walking into. We just move from one event that was planned to another, schedules never change, we see the same people and then we truly become numb. We could even close our eyes while driving and make our way there...I would not advise this but how many times have we just "done" something without thinking because "it's just the way we do it?"

This morning I have a huge praise. One of the beautiful children we have met through our journey is Jillian. In fact her website is Joyful Jillian. She is truly a mess and today they celebrate, she is finished with her 10 months of treatment! Yes, we are all so excited but then we will turn the page, go to the next day and wonder, what is next for Jillian. Ok, I know what you are thinking right now. Sharliss, stop worrying, don't go there. Well, those of us who have traveled this journey see things through a little different view. Yes, we are so thankful, so grateful for the medicines that kill all the cancer but we also know in the back of our heads, we must keep praying, must keep covering them just because of the Unknown.

Jillian is a 4 time cancer survivor. Yes, that is what I said. Her first was MDS at the age of 1 and then six months later went into AML. Her twin sister had the same cancer and Jade died after her bone marrow transplant. Jillian recovered from MDS, AML and then she relapsed two years later and had to receive a bone marrow transplant. She made it through that war and in 2007 they found that she had osteosarcoma, cancer of the bone. For the past 10 months she has fought hard, been through chemo and surgery and as of today is cancer free! Yes, this family has stood firm in the storm, worked hard to care for their children and will once again walk out of Vanderbilt and "begin life". A life with questions, fears, and just learning how to function in what we call normal.

I read her mom's entries and then I pray for God to cover her and Jillian. This little girl make me laugh. She is truly just a mess. I pray this morning for a true new beginning for this family. This breath of fresh air. I pray that the Unknown will become less and less scary. That God would show Himself in such a way that they would feel His arms holding tight around them. Enjoy life, one day at a time, treasure oh treasure health.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do You Miss Me?

Yes, I know it has been a while since I was "on". Sorry for that, to just be honest, I wanted to put some Christmas Pictures and that has been my reason because all you guys know I am not the best when it comes to computer stuff. Just as my favorite computer guy...Chris Wills. It takes a lot of work to just move pictures from my the the blog. Now, some of you might think it is easy, well bully for you. Anyway, the days a full of running around for Kaye, meds and trying to finally get all the boxes unpacked and put somewhere in the house. Yes, these are still some of the boxes in our garage.

Life is moving pretty good right now, but I must admit, holding my breath. They tell me as the years go by I will relax more when it comes to Kaye. I will not be as scared when her counts go crazy, she falls, or she just says "I'm not feeling good this morning". I cannot wait until that time, all this still weighs heavy on my heart.

David informed me my blog was boring! I laughed because I guess that is just where I am these days, in a holding pattern. No tournaments or meets to attend, no dance, no appointments with clients, no damage furniture, no fabric "looking". Yes, I guess it does seem boring. But that is the season God has me in right now. I am sure it will pick up and begin moving faster soon. Well, hope you have a grand day. Peace Out!